NYB Modular Outdoor Air-Cooled chillers with Axial fans (28.3 – 255 tons)


NYB Modular 28 ton Chiller Assemblies connected to create a single 255 ton chiller.
Desuperheater option is also available to produce hot water.

NYB is the only the only modular chiller with integrated free cooling coils that meets New York City codes and is AHRI rated to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 minimum efficiency levels.

With numerous voltage options and a standard ambient operating range of -20 to 115 degrees, the NYB can be applied to nearly any application.
NYB into a single unit with 18 compressors and 18 independent refrigeration circuits, plus 9 independent free cooling circuits.

Air cooled operation at up to 115°F outdoor air temperature at full load.

Cooling mode
Chilled Water Supply temperature (in/out) 54°F/44°F, at Outdoor air temperature 95°F;
Chilled Water Supply temperature in Free Cooling Mode 59°F;
Outdoor air temperature 35.6°F


The ahri rated free cooler

ANK Air to Water Heat Pumps (2.5 – 4 tons)
The Aemec ANK reversible heat pump reduces heating costs by up to 30% compared with the best conventional systems and condensate boilers

  • Produce hot water up to 140°F
  • Produce hot water from -4°F to 107.6°F ambient temperatures.
  • Produce domestic hot water down to 39.2°F ambient.


ANL Air to Water Heat Pumps (6.5 – 8.1 tons)

Outdoor air cooled chillers, Heat pump operation
Cooling capacity 6.5 – 8.1 tons
Heating capacity 94,755 – 111,850 BTU/h

  • Produce Domestic Hot Water

Cooling mode

  • Maximum external air temperature 114.8°F
  • Minimum water temperature 64.4°F

Heating mode

  • Maximum external air temperature 122°F
  • Maximum water temperature 107.6°F


NRL Air to Water Heat pumps and Chillers (13 – 260 tons)

Outdoor Air cooled chillers
Cooling only / Heat pump
Scroll compressor
Axial fans

  • Cooling capacity 13.71 – 261 tons
  • Heating capacity 165,967 Btuh – 3,401,018 Btuh
  • Optional Built in Hydronic Kits


NRL Free Cooling Air to Water Chillers (13 – 260 tons)

  • Free-cooling mode 10.22 – 32.71 tons

Outdoor Air cooled chillers

NRP Multipurpose Air Cooled Units (12 – 240 tons)

NLCH Air Cooled heat pumps with inverter fans (15 – 90 tons)

NRK Air Cooled heat pumps (5 – 42 tons)